college sugar baby

College sugar babes

Recession, working hard to find, price increases, debt ...... moment young people are shouldering enormous pressure, but no source of income which must bear the high fees of young college students still the situation is difficult. In this case, part of the female university students near the wealthy "sugar daddy", in order to pay off the loan, and lived a comfortable life, they are called "sugar baby." Recently, the United States, "Huffington Post" Amanda female reporter interviewed a number of parties, the depth of this phenomenon has been reported, causing no small social repercussions.

Owe tuition? Find sugar daddy

In May a sunny morning, Taylor (Paper party pseudonym) left her apartment in Harlem, boarded a column bound train Greenwich, Connecticut. She plans with a man who met online through the day, they had never met before. 22-year-old Taylor is a student at Hunter College, she privately and roommate said yes, they would go out during the contact to confirm Taylor's safety prior to departure via SMS.

Upon arrival in Greenwich, a man will soon be picked up and brought her to her big house, which is by far the largest house she had ever seen. This man seems obvious than with the previously mentioned 42-year-old data much older. He wore swimming trunks, she was put on a thin swimsuit. In the pool, Taylor gently sunscreen applied to his already significant sagging back. Next, Taylor and this might be older than her 30-year-old man to spend a "sex" in the afternoon. Taylor could not believe her client would accept a girl who grew up in the black ghetto.

A month ago, faced with a $ 15,000 tuition owed a bunch of unpaid bills, Taylor and her roommate, struggling to find a solution for ways they enter in the Google search bar "tuition", "debt", "school expenses," etc. Keywords, resulting in a program called "Sugar Baby" website. Played at the site "less tuition? Find sugar daddy" advertising to attract, Taylor created his own "sugar baby" account, it is through this account, contact her on the front of this man.

In the profile page website, Taylor said he was "a professional full-time psychology student, can expect to find people to help her pay the bills." Taylor topless photo site strapless, a caramel-colored hair brushed her face. In some other dating sites, users may list their hobbies and make your favorite type, but in here, Tyler straightforward presented desire to find a "sugar daddy" and opened each "date" 1,000 to $ 3,000 price.

College students are the main force in the sugar baby

In recent years, with the rise in university tuition fees, increased unemployment, declining year by year starting salary, around 20 years old life plan and expectations of young people suffered a heavy blow. • Clark University professor Jeffrey Arnett said, because can not afford the cost of living, in 2011 85% of college students in the period after graduation had to move back home with their parents, while 10 years ago, compared to only 40 %. Worse, many young people are now beginning their adult would have to take on outstanding debt. According to statistics, the average debt of graduates 2011 session of the US $ 27,200, some people liabilities far exceed this figure, so in between the "sugar daddy" "Sugar treasure" to act as broker website came into being.

Should "Huffington Post" requirements, SugarBaby net lists the most "sugar treasure" number 20 American universities, many of them famous universities: New York University ranked first with 2498 sugar treasure; UCLA bit eighth column, there are 2213 users; Harvard University followed, there are 2201 baby. Thirteenth is the University of California at Berkeley, there are 1193 students in search of the Golden Lord; 1183 University of Southern California, ranked fifteenth; Tulane twenty names, there are 863 online Sugababes.

Who is"Sugar daddy"

"This service is very expensive," 70-year-old "sugar daddy" Jack said he said he was a young woman to help solve the economic difficulties, "philanthropist." Jack said he was on a week to be with a young woman dating SugarBaby contact twice. The other night he will give more than 500 US dollars, which does not include a fancy meal at Daniel restaurant and shopping on Madison Avenue expenses.

"Different from ordinary escort service, I was surprised to find such a class of educated and intelligent man child," Jack said in a recent interview. I was about Ritz-Carlton (a world-class luxury hotel) to meet with him, he said he would stay in this hotel's rooftop apartment, the monthly rent of up to $ 22,000.

In SugarBaby's profile, Jack said his 67-year-old, divorced, was born in West Virginia capital of Charleston, has a bachelor's degree. Before retiring, he created the four financial services companies with annual revenues $ 1,000,000, total assets of between 50 million to 100 million US dollars.

"Sugar treasure" who can create SugarBabies free account, and in order to maintain membership, "sugar daddy" month you need to pay at least $ 50. Jack belongs to the "Diamond Club" members, the annual cost is $ 2,400. For the full payment of the willing "sugar daddy", that the website said they would be responsible for verifying the identity of their annual income, total assets, and let his page appears in the forefront of the search results.

"Most of the young girls in school debt," said Jack, his contact with the college sugar babes most credit card debt amounted to $ 8,000. "I guess the reason I love college girls because I think they owe the debt to be benign. At least look like I'm helping them, I'm helping them to live a better life."Click Here to Find a Sugar Now!