Sudy App

There has been a definite diversification of dating sites and apps. This is done to meet particular niche demands that aren’t covered by the big dating places like Tinder and OkCupid. The site definitely fits into this category. On the website it describes itself as a place “where genuine & wealthy people meet attractive sugar baby”.

What is it for?

Sudyapp is a dating application where a prospective sugar baby can meet a sugar daddy. That is, a way in which the young can meet wealthy and elite. Young people joining are promised genuinely wealthy sugar daddies that are able to spoil them. The income of any sugar daddy is displayed on their profile so that sugar babies can verify how much they earn.

For the sugar daddy the website promises romantic encounters with no strings attached and partners who are easy to control. It is also ideal arrangements which fit their demands.

The Procedures

To register with you would need to sign up with a Facebook profile or an email and password. The app will need to have access to your location. Basic information like income, name, occupation, birth date, education and finally if you would want to be a sugar baby or sugar daddy/mommy is required. The app recommends that you load up an attractive photo of yourself to increase your chances.

There are three ways to become part of the community on the sugar baby website is. The first way is to be voted in by existing members (one of the reasons why an attractive photo is recommended). The second way is by verifying beauty. This entails taking a clear photo of you, holding up a sign that has a statement and the word “Sudy” written on it. This is beauty verification is similar to other sugar baby websites. The third way to be included into the community is through upgrading to Sudy Premium, which costs $9.99 per month. The system works similar to Tinder with you swiping right or left-if both users like each other they can chat for free. Once approved you are able to find out who is in your area and message them. There are also ranking systems, showing the top sugar daddies and sugar babies.

The Design

At first glance the Sudyapp website and user interface is pleasing to the eye. It is clean and modern, that makes for ease of navigation as well. Nothing is overly complicated and everything works together to make the process as painless and quick as possible. Even though Sudyapp is relatively new it seems to have a relatively solid user base already. It is most probably because of the fact that the application is easy to use and smooth as well, with a layout that is clean as well.


All in all it is a good sugar daddy website. The beauty verification puts users minds at ease that the people they are talking to is indeed the one in the photo. The subscription prices are higher than a lot of other dating sites, but this is geared towards the premium lifestyle, so this should probably not come as a big surprise. It is available for free download on Google Play and the Apple App Store (compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone).Click Here to Find a Sugar Now!