Sugar baby story - im a college sugar baby and my sugar daddy help me to pay tuition

sugar baby

Hooray! I am done with my high school studies. College life, is that you? I am ready for you. These were the words that got me super-excited for a new phase I was yet to join. However, a great stumbling block stood before me-finance, which barred my bright future of becoming a doctor. It so happened that one evening, as I sat by the window watching the deserted street; a thought brushed through my mind. "I need a sugar daddy; someone who will see me through my college studies. I wouldn't mind the cost accompanying that privilege though; I mean what's the risk. I can't just sit here and compromise my future."

3 years down the line, here I am a soon-to-be graduate from one of the prestigious colleges of medicine. Who brought me this far? Soon as I contemplated on being a sugar baby, I took to action. I joined a sugar baby website and within some few days, someone hit me up and after all the acquaintance, we were ready to do business together, by that I hope you know what I mean. To date, I still thank my voluptuous body for awarding me such a big fish in the industry: he's got the looks, money, fame and everything that sugar babies so crave in an older man. What still bother me are my parents since they are in the dark as to where I get my money. How should I tell them yet these are the kind of men they loathe most- sponsors.

"Mother, I enrolled in some bursaries usually distributed in my institution. You know how outspoken I am so it wasn't hard to grant me this free ticket for tuition classes and examinations." This has always been my excuse whenever such conversation arises. Well I am a great liar so my mother seems to buy and regard them as true. All the benefits are worth the risk and I don't see the need to stop because he treats me right as if were his daughter. Before, I didn't believe in sugar baby websites and sugar baby dating but look where it got me- access to education and a lavish lifestyle. If asked, I don't regret grabbing this opportunity for a better future. I wouldn't mind my fellow colleagues talking ill of me and spewing bad reputations to everyone.

Will this decision come to haunt my future? I suppose so but with the recent high cost of living, I will look back and sigh, it was worth it. Without his intervention, who knows where I could be. My sugar daddy is accustomed to me and we really enjoy each other's company whenever I have no classes. Despite what most people presume sugar daddies to be, they have their sugar babies' interests at heart mine included. It is never that bad to get financial aid from sugar daddies. This is the habit most prevalent in college institutions and there are several reasons for opting for such a profiting business. The most outstanding one is financial help and many have reaped from its benefits. Even so, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else since they might not be as lucky as me to having found an understanding sugar daddy. All men are not the same; some might be prying for young girls to infect them with deadly diseases which are saddening. Therefore, before taking such a step, think twice, thrice and four times.Click Here to Find a Sugar Now!