The difference between a sugar baby website and traditional website

Founder of Sugar daddy site believes that the current popular "Sugar Love" is different from "nurturing." "Sugar Love" may be accompanied by a simple pleasure. The "old" is willing to spend money finding a "small" company; the "small" meets old friends, not "old" feel lonely. "Sugar Love" can be friendships and dating relationships. Men can also develop friendships. It isn't the premise that sexy is necessary between them.

Distinctions between "Sugar Love" and the sex trade are: development of based on feelings , the sex trade is a service of sex workers, usually without the integration of emotion; Sugar Love is lifestyle of sugar candy; sugar Love usually bases on feelings of both to maintain for a long time, and even become boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife; sugar treasure have students or career background, and services for sex workers is a means of survival; "Sweetheart about" sugar father have higher requirements definition, sugar daddy promoted the role of treasure and life of the wizard, while can't give candy treasure and life experience, both the existence of mutual concern, the relationship between emotional sustenance.

Membership within the site generally divided into two roles, namely "sugar daddy" and "sugar baby." Men are usually registered as a generous gentleman, a member called "sweetheart big brother", women as attractive cute "Sugarbabies", the two sides constitute a "condition" type relationship. Men usually know pay and care, such as "sugar treasure" tuition, buy gifts, etc., in order to win generous gentleman women of goodwill. Women will have a lovely charm and confident. They Can form friendships. it can develop into a true male and female friends, even to a marriage.

In the traditional dating, men, if there is no outstanding appearance, it is difficult to be found or noticed girls. "The traditional dating site for many men unfair Prejudice aesthetic, if men's plain, it is difficult to attract girls attention, and in the sugar daddy website, even without the extraordinary appearance, is also the opportunity for you to see your steady partner Excellent, rich content side. "

Surprisingly, the "occupation sugar treasure" and its "sugar daddy" in New York opened a "sugar daddy University", known as its curriculum can help women become the ideal "sugar treasure", in order to successfully catch a Millionaire, and to help unhappy Married people then seek a new partner.

According to reports, "Sugar treasure" Abang Virginia and his "sugar daddy" teach in the classroom whose students will become the perfect "sugar treasure" or "sugar daddy" of the five elements, including sexy, understanding, generous, charming, and reciprocity. They even invite cosmetic doctors, specialists and financial advisers to teach how to make women look more beautiful, and how to make the "sugar daddy" investments in terms of their appearance.
As sugar baby site launched novel concept, but it has been plagued by public criticism. Because what they need sugar daddy, sugar treasure relationships, changing the traditional gender values. Young women repay tuition, rent or meet consumer desire to find a trustworthy person and live a better life and might have to use in exchange for sex. Founder claimed that sugar daddy website, beauty and love of gold hit and change the fate of the main examples abound. The top five richest tycoon in the United States, as a Diamond members in "sugar daddy website". Male users who are nobility, entrepreneur, tycoons come from Fortune 500 companies.Click Here to Find a Sugar Now!