The story of a sugar baby

In the flights to New York first class, I was drinking senior crystal glass of champagne, side back to this habit from when to start the trip. I grew up in a middle-class family, stable and conservative reserved personality, has been lived by their parents care until graduation from university.

Things should speak of from the year before .I was over a period of three years of feelings, former boyfriend and my age, is a former actress. After break up I want to find some new fun, surf the Internet in search engine input "older men and young women to" a few words, then registered as a member of Date after the start, I was an eye-opener.

My first sugar daddy is a 45-year-old attorney. We meet at one of London's financial district senior champagne bar. He is handsome, intelligent, funny, but after meeting told me that he had married. I don't want to when the three, so we only dinner that night. The second sugar daddy  is the CEO of an insurance company, and he brought me the most luxurious hotel suite in London spent the whole day.

Were impressed by the last summer, I flew to New York and date a Canada property developer. He see my profile on before, sent email to me, it read: "looking for overseas travel with object over the weekend, enjoy dinner or go to the theatre every week - provide cost support."Before long, he invited me to New York. We talked on Skype several times, but in addition to have participated in the triathlon race, and just after a period of 10 years of romance, he almost didn't say anything.

The driver took me to the most luxurious hotel of Manhattan. I was dressed very casual, denim shorts, shirts, shoes, carry one of my old suitcase. Greg to see me after a friendly smile: "you yourself first settled into the room."The evening for a walk together, he said: "I want to give you do some shopping, which one do you like fashion designer?"Then he brought me to Prada boutiques, buy a red dress, a black leather spell velvet dress, a dress pants and a silk shirt.

See figure on the bill for $12000, I was shocked. With all the clothes that I simply can't afford to buy, The first thought is: the clerk will how to see me? From the moment of Greg charge payment, he calls the shots all the weekend. After that we will not contact again, nobody wanted to continue.

If three years ago, sugar daddy who said give me four times the salary to accompany him to go to bed, I will either as a joke, or as an insult. But, in fact, the three years I have been doing it. Matthew, a sugar daddy from Chicago, 49 years old, divorced. He will come to London four times a year, every time I will at least spend a night with him, he will give me money. Divorce male, a 42-year-old Malaysia each year will come to London, I had three times to his home in Kuala Lumpur. Our relationship lasted for two years.

He said to me: "if you have a willing to spend time with friends, and he can't afford this way of life, so I'll pay."There will be a 38-year-old fund manager, to work 18 hours a day, so don't have time to a girlfriend. He gave me a Selfridges - Selfridges prepaid card, let me dress up beautifully and to see him. Three months after we broke up, because his controlling is too strong…

In this three years, I have seen more than 20 sugar daddy: bankers, lawyers, businessmen. My appointment object they have in common is: use the material to make up for their feelings. Soon I have a crush on board first class travel, recommended in Michelin restaurant, luxury hotel dating life.Click Here to Find a Sugar Now!