A real sugar baby story

sugar babies story

Although still very taboo, the “sugar lifestyle” is by far becoming more and more popular. Sugar babies live the life of luxury, while sugar daddies happily dish out the dollars to have the perfect companion at their side.

When Susan’s* picture perfect world came crashing down due to divorce, she decided that her next relationship would be something different. Her ex-husband had been a closet homosexual and she was craving something exciting, fun, lightweight and rewarding. She still wanted the companionship but without feeling weighed down.

After many unsuccessful dates and poor matches, she decided to take the leap and sign up to the sugar daddy and sugar baby website. Once she was in the “sugar bowl” there was no going back. It was a whole different world, men flocked to her left, right and centre. Forget roses, these men gave her Harry Winston jewels, exotic holidays and provided her with excessive monthly allowances.

One of her first sugar daddy’s was from New York and gave her a very generous $5000 a month. Don’t think that she only saw one man at the time, oh no, coupled with her other sugar daddies, she could easily make $30000 a month. A far cry from the woman who felt suffocated was broke and was in an unhappy marriage.

Of course, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. There were many bad matches, terrible dates and close calls. Take for instance the time Susan took up the offer of a well-known hotelier in San Francisco. He turned out to be less than savoury with profile pictures from Seeking Arrangement plastered all over his walls. Susan decided it was time for her to leave after being told that she held the resemblance to his ex-wife who had recently committed suicide. He then proceeded to throw porcelain plates at her until she managed to escape. Luckily for Susan, one of her loyal followers on her Tumblr account managed to arrange a cab for her to get to safety.

Being a sugar baby might sound like it’s all fun and games, which let’s be honest, a ten-day cruise in the Bahamas is pretty fun, but there is a fair amount of work that goes into it.

You have to be the perfect girlfriend at all times: composed, happy and friendly. You always need to look perfect. It doesn’t matter if you are a good match or not, when you

have been paid such a hefty amount of money, you need to play the part and keep that smile on your dial. When you are “between men” or have some time on your hands, you need to go on the prowl, both online and in public, scouring the hangouts where the elite wine and dine. Since being a sugar baby is basically your career, you need to make sure that you are always in business. No men, no pay.

Although the lifestyle and the money are fabulous, it becomes difficult to live a normal life and have normal functional relationships and so most sugar babies bow out after a few years in the sugar bowl.Click Here to Find a Millionaire Now!